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X3Cng is an international group active in the energy market. X3Cng is young, smart and professional. In few years the company became an active player in natural gas sales to B2Bs.
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Energy efficiency
We believe that energy efficiency is an extraordinary opportunity, able to bring enormous benefits to any business reality. 

X3Energy provides its consultancy with the aim of finding the best solutions to meet the needs of each customer.

X3Analytics is the X3Energy portal dedicated to the management of your company’s energy data. To improve energy flows, reduce and optimize operating costs related to energy use, company management must have an intuitive, reliable control tool capable of providing intelligent, real-time information 
X3utility is the innovative Cloud platform that supports you and saves your time managing your energy supplies. It is the solution able to check the correctness of each single aspect of your invoices. 

Energy audit
The audit, or energy diagnosis, is the ideal tool to generate virtuous processes that can help to make the approach to energy efficiency by companies easier and, above all, to achieve concrete results in improving the use of power.
CNG - Sunstainable mobility
We want help you arrange your fleet, offering you economic benefits that will save you time and money. 


Natural Gas is abundant, cheap and domestic. You can save up to 50% of the costs of fueling. The higher prices of the vehicles have a pay back of a little more than one year. Many States have incentives programs. Contact us to get more information: info@x3cng.com. 


Contact info@x3cng.com  our account manager to fix schedule a meeting at your office. 

X3CNG project is to own and develop private or public CNG Stations 

The company holds an extensive know how in CNG and Natural Gas and believes that US Natural Gas Vehicles will increase dramatically in the coming years. 

Today X3CNG is active in Colorado with the target to enhance the presence in the area . 
Contact us and we will help you to find the best solution to convert your fleet. We can suggest to you the incentives available in your state and how to obtain them: info@x3cng.com
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